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Kacie Brunner: "Caught ya! Thank you so much!!! We ALL appreciate you and your great photography so very much!!! :)))" Post on Facebook:¬if_t=like

Tracie Hurst:  "Charlotte Merchant thanks for these spectacular pics!!! This was an incredible come back and you captured it!!!  The smile on Jaiden Hurst's face speaks volumes!!!" Regarding an image and post from the District Championship Game between Athens & Mendon:¬if_t=comment_mention

Tracie Hurst: "We have been patiently waiting to see them....I am speechless how quickly you started posting pics. Thanks so much for being there. Please put together a memory mate from this album for me?" Regarding the basketball pictures from the Varsity Basketball game between Athens and Mendon:¬if_t=feed_comment_reply

Diana Withington: "I love these pictures of our boys from Clark Walker Tourney. You did a wonderful job. I will be ordering as soon as I can pick which ones I want. Thanks Char"

"THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for giving my family LIFE LONG TREASURES! I'll be ordering very soon! I'm the father of #1 Gage Corner.... I used to be the "picture guy" for Gage's High School sports.  I'm the video guy that you saw... usually in the endzone.... Can't wait to put it all together with YOUR pictures! YOU"RE AWESOME! Appreciated, more than you know...."  John Corner, Fall 2015

Ryleigh Shaffer: "I love this!!!" Facebook post in response to a Memory Page of her showing her pig at Calhoun County Fair (you have to see it to understand it's importance), October 6, 2015.

Note from a customer: "Char, I'm just a proud Grammy of her grandson, Gage!  I went tot he game - Gage made the winning touchdown.  He is a Senior this year at Trine, so I wanted the photos of #1 and the 2 touchdowns he made.  The MIAA conference made himon of two players of the week.  You were such a big help to me with this.  Thank you, Eve Corner" Fall 2015

Zac Neal, "Thank you Photography By Char!! We appreciate the work you do too, capturing all the great action shots for all of our student-athletes!"  Facebook Post, Football Season from a Union City Coach, September 22, 2015

"I love the pics! Thanks again, you're awesome!"  Mason H. in response to seeing his Senior Portraits, December 2015.

Kacie Brunner:  "We're really lucky to have Charlotte Merchant on our sidelines taking these great pics!" Facebook Post, Volleyball Season November 20, 2015.  Kacie Brunner:  "I'm gonna be buying this one for sure! It's always so great to see you at the games. Thank you, Charlotte Merchant!!! :)))" Facebook Post, Basketball Season December 6, 2015.

"My daughter Margaret Nulf had her pictures taken by you at kids time daycare and they were amazing."  Linee N., Fall 2015

"Thank you, Char. I am tearful this morning apparently because these have made me cry. Today we are celebrating B's 20th birthday and I opened these and thought about showing all of our family and the tears just started flowing! Thinking about our "babies" as seniors hasn't been emotional... yet. I can't wait to show Steve, these are PHENOMENAL." in response to seeing her son's Senior Portraits.  "Everyone that has seen this has said how wonderful they are. Every picture is terrific."  Jenn Searls, Fall 2015

Val Rossman: "That is a really fun photo Char."  Rebecca Spooner: "Love this picture, so fun, thanks Char!"  Mary Evert Vahs Brecheisen: "Such a cool picture!!" all Facebook Posts to an image from UCHS Fall Homecoming Session posted on October 9, 2015.

"You take and contribute wonderful pictures, love your work!" Paula DeJongh, Facebook Message from a UC Resident, October 22, 2015

Andrea Briggs Holmquist: "AMAZING!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! You are so amazing Char!!!!!" Facebook Post, School Pictures, September 20, 2015.  Andrea Briggs Holmquist: "What an awesome never cease to amaze me Charlotte Merchant!!!!!"  Facebook Post, Basketball Season, December 6, 2015

"Hey there! When you have time, I'd like to get a memory page from Aubrey's basketball season. I have no idea how you're going to be able to choose the pics to use. There are so many good ones!!! Thank you!" Kacie Brunner

"Char these are amazing!! Thank you so very much!"  Terry Kiefer, In response to seeing her Family Portraits.

"I thought you would enjoy this not-so-finished Dibert/Dunks "wall of fame." Thank you, Char for capturing such wonderful memories!" a Facebook Message from Carley Dibert with a picture of a wall in their home full of Memory Pages by Photography by Char sent to me on December 6, 2015.

"Thank you so much for everything you did last summer.  I was so glad that you were the one who was there, no one else would have been nearly as patient and professional."  Mary B. 

"I can imagine Gavin graduating high school.  Then moving to graduate from college.  And then one day me handing him an organized box of photos of his high school years.  You really DO make memories for families!" from an email from Kellie

"Your photography is simply amazing Char... thanks so much for all you do to capture our kids at their finest athletic moments!"  Merricay 

"Thanks for making sure I have great pics of my boys.  Come graduation your work will be the main focal point."  Beth

"Photography by Char you did an AWESOME job...  I LOVE your work!!!" Andrea on Facebook  "I agree Photography by Char is definitely the best in the area by far!!  NO COMPARISON!!"  Merricay on Facebook (Facebook Conversation Char was Tagged in.)

"Char, A huge thank you for braving those cold - windy evenings to get candid shots of our kids in football!"  Note from Kellie