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In 2006 I discovered essential oils and made some serious changes in my life.  While I was very successful with Photography by Char I was struggling with some seasonal and pain issues that I have and seriously looking for an alternative to modern medication which was not working.  

I can honestly say that finding Young Living Essential Oils has been a major GAME CHANGER in my life and I am so much healthier, happier and I have more energy  than I had before.  I call it finding FREEDOM... Freedom to live my life where before I felt trapped and limited.  

During this time... not only have I discovered the world of essential oils but I have been learning about chemicals and toxins and how they contaminate, build up and create havoc on our lives.  I've manage to switch 95% of my personal care products and household cleaning products to less toxic and chemical free products and my skin, body and house feels cleaner and healthier than ever before.  

The health benefits that I have seen effect not only my respiratory, skeletal and endocrine systems... but I am in way less pain and have control over that pain... I can breath with no issues which was a struggle before hand... I can drive with my windows down with no seasonal issue attacks from pollen... I can physically do more and I have more energy to do everything that I want to do... and I am sleeping better!!!

So not only have I been educating myself in so many areas but I have also been seeking out some of the companies that I have found to be most natural and healthier for me, my family and my home.  In the process I now have an essential oils group on FB (Oils with Char) where we talk about all sorts of things to do with essential oils with testimonies, recipes and tons of educational information that everyone needs to see.  Give me a shout if you would like to join my group!!!  

I also have a website just for shopping for Young Living Essential Oils including their famous Thieves Household Cleaner which I highly recommend for cleaning your homes, businesses and 100% safe for your pets and children.  

Another company that I have come to love is L'Bri Pure N' Natural which has aloe based products for your skin, hair and body including an amazing all natural deodorant!!!  This is another company that I now have a website for everyone to shop and discover what I have discovered.        

I am loving my L'Bri and I am able to incorporate my essential oils with my L'Bri products... mostly their lotion and body butters.   And I actually use L'Bri makeup with Young Living Savvy mascara... and sometimes a touch of Young Living Savvy eyeshadow.  These two companies compliment each other almost beyond belief once I started exploring and experimenting.           

So... here's to the good stuff... and make sure to use the contact form to get ahold of me and ask questions... 

MY WEBSITES for each of these companies...

Young Living Essential Oils - https://www.myyl.com/oilswithchar

L'Bri - https://lbri.com/withChar