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Young Living Essential Oils has been a GAME CHANGER in my life!  I have been able to turn my health around, care for my body, family and home in a healthier and more chemical free way... all by finding Young Living Essential Oils!!!   Read on or go ahead and go to my website to get your learning on... www.OilswithChar.com or check out my Facebook Page and my YouTube Channel        

One of the main reasons I chose Young Living over all of the essential oil companies out there was because of Young Living's Seed to Seal Program.  There are so many things to consider when using Essential Oils that just because a bottle is labeled as Essential Oil is just not enough to make a decision.  Here are some parts of an article that I wrote for a health challenge for a yoga studio...

"With essential oils we have to be careful with recommending them for internal use. The biggest reason is that not all essential oils are safe for consumption. It's not just that not all essential oils are safe for consumption but not all essential oils are safe to be used in general.

This is why: A bottle of essential oil from some companies may be synthetic and nothing but chemicals... what I would call "fake essential oil." Some companies may include essential oils in their bottles but when you investigate their company, they will actually state that they depend on 3rd parties for their essential oils or source their essential oils and they don't actually tell you who those 3rd parties or sources are so you can't research those oils.

Another issue is that companies do not have to tell you everything that is included in a bottle of their essential oils but can actually list "Trade Secret" for part of their ingredients.

The last reason that I wanted to address this issue is that not all companies who distill their own essential oils know or use the best way to distill those oils.  Some companies have not been able to perfect the distillation process to optimize the essential oils with the best constituents of an essential oil or eliminate those constituents that can be harmful to you.    

I would also like to add that there's no regulation to essential oils so when I was looking into what company I would like to use, I considered how they regulate themselves. I found the "Seed to Seal" program that Young Living has to be very valuable in my decision to go with YL. Young Living applies rigorous quality control from the time a seed is sourced until the oil is in the bottle to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended. They even go beyond being organic by not using any chemicals on their fields or in their oils but they are known for testing the soil of farms for previous use of chemical and toxins before contracting. Recently Young Living's Vitality Line of Essential Oils recently received Non-GMO Project Verification which means that the plants used and oils derived have not been genetically modified or do not contain any genetically modified organisms which makes my decision to go with YL even more valuable.

Young Living created the Vitality Line (oils that can be used internally) because legally you cannot label a bottle of essential oil as safe to use aromatically, topically and internally. To me this is another area where Young Living is going above and beyond to make sure that they are taking care of their customers and that there is no confusion as to which oils are safe to use internally."

Since I started with Young Living and my oily journey5  years ago... I came up with the hashtag #livingamorehealthyandchemicalfreelife (which has also been what I like to call my new lifestyle!) and I have been learning more and more about how many chemicals and toxins we expose our bodies too.  Just for starters on statistics... The average person's body is exposed to approximately 300 chemicals and toxins these days and most women apply over 80 of those before she even eats breakfast in the morning.  I made the decision  that I was going to start eliminating them from my life as much as I could.  My health has improved so much since I started and my life has done nothing but improve!  Can we eliminate all of the chemicals and toxins from our life... I don't think so... but... we can start limiting what we expose our bodies, families and lives to.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils and I would love to help you get started with essential oils and Young Living.  My distributor number is 2536809 and when you sign up and get started with Young Living with me, I will send you some awesome things to help you get started including a reference book just for Young Living Essential Oils.       

I have a Facebook Group "Oils with Char" but you do need to give me a shout on Facebook in order to gain access to it.  There is a whole community out there just waiting for you to get started with essential oils and looking at this page is just the start.  I can also add you to my oils newsletter and more...  you can reach me by using the Contact Form on this website, emailing me at OilswithChar@gmail.com going to Oils with Char Website and clicking "About Me" or giving me a shout on Oils with Char Facebook Page.  I've even started blogging!

Along with photography, nature, yoga and family... I am very passionate about my essential oils and  I would love to chat more with you about essential oils!  I encourage you to check out and even stalk my social media!!   Char