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Your Sports & Portrait Photographer

You will find me on the sidelines, wandering pathways and snapping candid shots during moments in your life. It is then that you will realize that you also inspire me to create photography about you!

I am almost 51 years proud (well... I will turn 51 July 12, 2018) and I am a mom to 4 young adults, a grandma to 2 adorable young men with another grandchild on the way!!!!!  We have 2 large dogs who like to act like children and hang out with me in my office and a rescue dog who has become my favorite of the three.  I enjoy my family, yoga (especially at All Things Serenity Yoga Studio & Event Center located in Union City, MI)  kayaking on lakes and maybe eventually down a river... gardening, birds and really anything to do with nature and the outdoors.  I love my lifestyle of attempting to live more Natural and Chemical Free!  Before now I used to really struggle with my health and living life but since finding Young Living Essential Oils... my outlook on life, my health and my work have improved immensely!!!!!!!!!!  There is a sense of FREEDOM that comes with living... to learn more about Essential Oils and living a Chemical Free Life (or as close to it as possible) click on the tab labeled CHEMICAL FREE & ESSENTIAL OILS


My true passion in photography has been inspired by my own kids who are now young adults and starting families of their own.  My kids were heavily involved in sports and school activities and maturing faster than I could believe... I remember looking through my son's senior portraits as I was uploading them to the computer.  It was then that I realized that Ben was not my little boy any more...  he had grown into a fine young man and with me, as his mom, photographing those moments in his life meant the world to me and still do. 

With that said... I started Photography by Char because of my kid's friends and their parents.  Thru out all the years I had been a BUCS Soccer Coach, an athlete parent and an employee in the school system.  I had interacted with athletes, parents, coaches and sports photographers from all angles.  I went through a period of time where had a hard time sitting and watching all of the sporting events my kids were in.  Don't get me wrong... I loved seeing my kids participate but I will admit that I would get bored in the stands.  So... I got out my camera and I started photographing them during games.  I remember one of my daughter's friends parent asking me "What do you do with all those pictures?" and when I showed her... she started to purchase my images... and that is how Photography by Char was born!!!

Multiple times I have been asked, "When did you start photographing?" this has been a hard question because I started my photography career years ago (before digital came along) but then I left the field for a while.  I took 35 mm film classes way back when where I learned how to develop my  own film and process my own prints in a real dark room.  I used to do more portrait work back then with some lifestyle photography.  When I returned to photography... it was digital and it was a hard transition at first.  BUT when I realized that everything that I had learned way back when with film photography still applied... even in the digital world... I was fine.  You see... you still have a 2 step process 1) Take your pictures and 2) Develop your images.  Instead of a dark room... I just have a computer and Photoshop!!!!                               

I have been described as "not your ordinary sports or  portrait photographer."  I always start a portrait session by asking, "What would you like to do?" and then I adapt the session to photograph you or I give you suggestions to help you get started.  When I go to a game, many times you will find me checking out the facilities and watching for a few minutes attempting to pick up on anticipating what you are going to do.  You will find me observing and learning who you are, how you compete and what is important to you instead of attempting to control every aspect of a setting and pose during a session.

I love creativity and mixing it up and I love finding new angles!!!  You will find me attempting to show you a pose but encouraging you to create your interpretation of that pose... trust me... this alone has created several laughs which makes it so much fun and I do not consider myself successful if you are not having fun during your session!!!!!  I also strive to create a comfortable setting and to help you bring out your self confidence and creativity.  I want to photograph you... the true you... and create beautiful images in the process!!!      

My photography goes beyond Portrait Photography though... my favorite part of my job is sports photography.  Capturing those hard to get shots is just awesome!!!!!!  I write my own actions for processing and upload these images to my website so that they are available for purchase and for sharing on social media.  I have also created a customized way to  help you document your achievements with Memory Pages and/or Memory Posters... check out Team Sessions & Sports Coverage for more info.       

Have questions?  Want to connect?  Send me a shout out using the Contact Form, emailing me at PhotographybyChar@gmail.com or find Photography by Char on Facebook.

Pssst... meet my grandsons, BROOKS & LEO... 2 of my favorite pictures so far!

Brooks - approximately 2 weeks old at the time of this picture (1-2019)

Leo - approximately 6 months old at the time of this picture (10-2018)